3D Fit Scanner

Get Fit Like a Pro with the all new CCM 3D Fit Scanner! Designed to give us an extremely accurate measurement of your foot to help us determine the best-possible fit for your game.

Image 3D fit scanner

Discover the 3D fit scanner

3D Fit Scanner Experience

It’s simple, better fit = better performance. Enjoy the enhanced fitting experience, similar to what the pros go through for their own skates!

Skate Recommender

With the CCM Skate Recommender, you’ll get the most accurate possible recommendation for CCM skates to your foot. A fitting expert scans your foot with our scanning technology, which helps them determine which CCM skate is the right fit for your game.

3D Custom Mold

Looking to take the next step in your custom skate journey? The 3D Custom Mold allows you to get a custom-fitting, one-piece boot skate featuring lightweight technology. After we scan your foot, we create an actual mold of it at the CCM Skate Factory, which helps us create your perfect fit.

The Advantages

  • Custom Fitting One-Piece Boot Skate
  • Good Solution for “Problem Feet”
  • Actual foot mold created at CCM Skate Factory.
  • Tongue Personalization
  • Enhanced Fitting

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Get Fit Like A Pro!

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