Top shelf or five hole, our sticks help you put the puck where it belongs.

CCM’s best Trigger stick ever made.

Lightning-quick release meets unbelievable feel. The new Ribcor Trigger 8 Pro features an innovative foam insert on the heel section of the blade to provide an improved dampened feel when stickhandling and passing, plus its usual regular stiffness toe for quick and accurate shooting. Also made with our Nanolite Shield Technology, this is CCM's best Trigger stick.

Sticks for every style of play

LOW KICK POINT: Surprise goalies with the stick that maximizes quick release on snap shots.


HYBRID KICK POINT: Beat the goalie in many ways with the stick that maximizes versatility for all types of shots.



MID KICK POINT: Power through goalies with the stick that maximizes wrist shots' ease of loading and velocity.


Tacks AS-V Pro Stick
Modern power for today’s game.

The new Tacks AS-V Pro is a modern redesign of a powerful mid kick point stick, with a completely new shaft geometry allowing for a comfortable grip, easy loading, and increased wrist shot power. The combination of our new sigma ST-P carbon weave with nanolite carbon layering creates the best-balanced tacks stick ever made, while remaining extremely durable.

Jetspeed FT6 Pro color ways!

With the integration of Nanolite Shield technology and the new Nanolite stiff blade, the Jetspeed FT6 Pro is the lightest blade in CCM history. This hybrid-kick scoring machine is designed for optimal feel, boasting the lightest and best-balanced design to date. Available in three new colors, Blue, Green & Chrome!

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"Speed, control and a great release."

-Sidney Crosby

"The power and kick point is world class."

-Kendall Coyne

"This stick brings out my best."

-Brianna Decker