Super Tacks AS3 Pro Goalie Skate

Defend your net like nothing else matters. Equipped with a new ADPT memory foam tongue, this top of the line goalie skate wraps your foot so you can cross the crease again and again in total comfort. We’ve also made this must-have with a One-Piece Boot, combining foot comfort with speed and unmatched agility.

  • 90 days guarantee


  • One-Piece Boot
    The one-piece boot is all about pure performance. With this technology, goalies get more direct energy transfer and a closer fi t for faster feet.
  • Material
    ROCKETFRAME COMPOSITE: NHL-caliber lightweight composite material.
  • Fit
    ANATOMICAL: Provides a form-fitting, 360-degree fit around the forefoot, heel and ankle.
  • Stiffness performance index
    195: Super lightweight, stiff and thermo-formable core generates the ultimate skating performance
  • Boot Collar
    ASYMMETRIC FLEX STANCE: Flex deeper into your stance and recover with lightning speed
  • Tongue
    ADAPT MEMORY FOAM WITH MOLDED LACE-BITE PROTECTION: Bring comfort up-front while maintaining protection.
  • Liner
    TOTALDRI LINER WITH DURAZONE ABRASION PROTECTION: High-performance moisture-wicking material keeps feet dry and skates light, with added protection against wear or rubbing.
  • Midsole
    LIGHTWEIGHT MIDSOLE: For enhanced energy transfer from blade to boot.
  • Footbed
    MOLDED DUAL-DENSITY CCM ORTHOLITE®: Lightweight insole that also helps improve energy transfer.
  • Holder
    SPEEDBLADE XSG: New quick-release goalie holder with bladelock system.
  • Runner
    XSG1 BLACK (+2MM): High-performance blade with oxide treatment for a longer edge life and greater resistance to corrosion with 9% more height than previous generation


  • Senior
    7-11 | D | Full/Half
  • Senior
    7-9.5 | EE | Full/Half
  • Intermediate & Junior
    6-6.5 | D | Full/Half