Skater Game on Mask

CCM is the leader in the new reality of returning to play. With players longing to play again and get back to their training, practices and leagues, CCM wants to help make that happen as safely as possible. CCM is introducing the first face cover built for on-ice play. Compatible for both full shields and cage, along with a separate goalie version, CCM’s new Game On Mask is designed to >help players have a safer return to the ice. With the Game On Mask, players have an added protective barrier that also increases the protection from contamination of those around them, all while allowing for the breathability needed for on-ice play.

This product does not eliminate the risk of inbound or outbound contagion, nor is any fitness for purpose warranty made in respect of the protection granted by this product.


  • Certified Water-proof protection
    The Game On Mask has received a Level 3 Water Resistance Protection designation (highest standard from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health).
  • Effective air exchange for maximum performance.
    Openings at the side of the mask allow for improved air flow compared to a standard face mask.
  • Adjustable fit keeps your nose and mouth covered
    Important element for protection from contamination.
  • Anti-Fog
    Air flow and fit limits moisture build up (when used with the FV1 Full Face Shield).
  • Compatability
    Compatible with: CCM FV1 Full Shield, CCM FM780,680,580


  • One size fits all