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Art piece that is 100%
unique to Sidney Crosby


Ribcor 80k
the art of agility

The new Ribcor 80K skates were designed for the most creative players on the ice. With Flexframe technology and new ADPT Memory Foam delivery superior stability, flexibility and comfort, players can take control of the game, master their edges and keep their opponents guessing what they will do next. With the new quick release SpeedBlade XS Holder, not even a blade change can slow them down.


Flexframe Technology offers an excellent forward flexion and lateral stability to provide the most optimized skating stride in hockey.

New SpeedBlade
XS Holder

The new SpeedBlade Xchange System holder is a quick and easy-to-use system to swap blades out. The XS1 Black steel is 12% higher than than standard blades and contain an oxide treatment that hardens the steel and provides a longer edge life.


Our new ADTP Memory Foam wraps perfectly around the player’s foot and adapts to any foot shape for unequaled comfort.

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Discover the new Ribcor Skates

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