Turn on a dime

Turn on a dime


Ribcor 50K
Pump Skate

Advanced Pump

Efficiency is the name of the game with the next generation of The Pump technology. Fewer pumps with a re-engineered shape help to provide a more customized fit and maximum heel lock.

Ribcor Elite Quarter Package

The ribbed exterior design of the skate boot links the stiff carbon inserts to the flexible composite materials. The result is a feel that allows for natural agile maneuvers while still providing exceptional support.

Speedblade Black

Black is the new chrome. The blade’s black coating hardens its surface, giving skaters a biting edge to break away from opponents.


Ribcor 80K Skate

Ribcor 78K Skates

Ribcor 76K Skates

Ribcor 74K Skates