Super Tacks 9370 Goalie Skate

Defend your net like nothing else matters. This goalie skate wraps your foot so you can cross the crease again and again in total comfort.

  • 90 days guarantee


  • Quarter Package
    INJECTED TECHNOLOGY WITH SYNTHETIC COMPOSITE: Durable boot with structural stiffness.
  • Stiffness Performance Index
    135: Solid core generating good skating performance.
  • Tongue
    FELT TONGUE WITH EMBOSSED LACE-BITE PROTECTION: 7mm felt with reinforcement layers for increased comfort and protection.
  • Liner
    BRUSHED MICROFIBER LINER: Comfortable fi t with high resistance to wear.
  • Outsole
    CONCAVE REINFORCED INJECTION: Stiff design helps provide better energy transfer.
  • Footbed
    CCM Fit System provides support and comfort.
  • Holder
    SpeedBlade XSG: New quick-release goalie holder with bladelock system.
  • Senior Runner
    XSG1 + 2MM: High-performance blade with excellent edge life and 9% more height than our previous generation.
  • Junior Runner
    CCM XSG1: Stainless Steel Runner


  • Senior
    7-12 | D | Full/Half
  • Intermediate & Junior
    1-6.5 | D | Full/Half
  • Youth
    13-13.5 | D | Full/Half